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FlowersI had been in and out of relationships for some time. So as an experiment, I scheduled a design consultation with Tera. She came over, took one look at my bedroom and explained – in very practical terms – why I had had so much trouble. Before that appointment I never would have thought to have looked at my environment as the cause of any discord. She has a great eye for design and knew just what to do to invite romance into my bedroom – and life! I followed her suggestions and within days, I met the man of my dreams. It is the first and only solid relationship I’ve ever had and I am so grateful. By balancing my surroundings, moving a few things and adding colors I have been able to change my life and be open to the wonderful things the world can provide me. Tera has shown me the importance of making my environment whole.

• Trish Bresser, framing design consultant, Leucadia


Tera came to our house about a year ago. When she arrived our marriage was in a slump, we were stressed out and unhappy despite finally completing our dream home. She immediately knew why. We corrected the situation and overnight we were happy again and feeling creative and hopeful. If only I had employed Tera to perform an Architectural Design Assessment during the planning stages of building!

• Chris Cleary, design coordinator, Olivenhain


Tera has an amazing eye for design. She has a sixth sense for spatial relationships and a way of seeing into an environment that can complement any space. I followed her environmental advice and experienced instant growth with both my career and romance!

• Federica Ungaro, graphic designer, Venezuela


My home in Marin, California had been on the market for two months with no offers. One consultation with Tera from Pure Life Consulting and the place was sold in two weeks. It took very little time and effort to put her balancing design work into practice. The place looked and felt excellent!

• Ron Bjarenson, Marin


BeachesAfter acting on Tera’s recommendations, I am now experiencing a surge of creativity and a strong sense of purpose. After decluttering my home, balancing the elements and taking a critical look at how I was expressing myself with my belongings, I am experiencing a clarity of thought that is remarkable. At my business, the mere act of decluttering the break room has improved morale dramatically. The results are tangible and impressive.

• Sharon Daddi, owner Salon Tonic San Diego


We owned a small business and have a terrific product. We couldn’t understand why our business wasn’t flourishing. A consultation with Tera proved to be just what we needed. After we implemented her suggestions our sales more than doubled.

• Mike Totah, ceramics designer, The Wheel


Tera is remarkable! Seriously, I don’t know what I would have done without her. It was with her amazing help that I was able to buy my first home, launch a new and rewarding career and create an environment that I love every time I step in the door. I am forever grateful.

• Gale Elder, holistic health practitioner, Vista


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