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Case Study #1

Residential Consultation
Sharon Daddi

Property description
Sharon lives in a house built in the 1940's, on a wide lot, in a residential neighborhood, across the street from a canyon.

Client issues
Sharon lives with her 12 year old son and is separated from her husband. He has moved out but his belongings are still on the property. He is wanting to reconcile and Sharon is confused and frustrated. She would like to move forward and wants more clarity and direction about where to go next in her life.


Garage – The garage that is serving as storage for your estranged husband's belongings is located in your love and marriage area of the property. Discuss the possibility of him moving his belongings off the property. Get in there yourself and assess your own belongings.

Backyard shed – Also located in the love and marriage area, the shed is storing old bombs and skulls. This is holding yet more stagnant chi. Because these items were chosen by your husband and do not nurture you, remove them immediately.

Front yard – Your front yard occupies your career and helpful people areas. Trim the tree in the far right corner so that it does not impede the path. Weed and manicure the plants to create a welcome feeling.

Gate – Place a bell on the gate to announce your visitors.

Front porch/Entry – Replace the dying dracaena with a statue that you love to greet you as you enter. Is the skull art currently on display feeding you? If not, remove and replace it with art that inspires you.

Foyer – Make this area as welcoming as possible. Create a five element display on top of the existing bamboo credenza. Include fresh flowers here.

Front room - Reposition your couch so that the back of the couch is not facing the entrance into the room. Place a beige or pastel carpet underneath the coffee table on top of your wood floor to further enhance and define this area.

Neils room - Remove skull from above the bed. Encourage Neil to personalize his space with items of his choosing.

Master bedroom – The color of your bedspread is beautiful. Consider purchasing matching nightstands and lamps to invite equanimity, respect and balance into the bedroom. Remove the crosses and other religious symbols and create a personalized alter in your study.


Revive and rejuvenate your life by taking inventory of your possessions.
Clean out the garage and backyard shed.
Manicure the front yard and entrance so that all pathways are open for receiving.
Foster Neil's self expression by allowing him to choose items to decorate his bedroom.

Follow up

Sharon weeded and cleaned up the front yard and trimmed the large tree in her helpful people area, exposing the pathway. She removed the dracaena by her front door and purchased a greeter that she loved—a protective wooden warrior.

She then put on her boot straps and began tackling the garage, item by item. She found an enormous amount of stuff that she no longer loved and gave it all away. She had a powerful- and successful-- conversation with her husband, after which he came over and removed all of his belongings from the property. This included the other stagnant items that were in the shed.

Sharon and her husband decided to go forward with their divorce. They listed the property with an agent and amicably settled many issued regarding the property. She now feels much more directed and confident about where she is going in her life.

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Case Study #2

Residential Consultation
Cynthia Salazar

Property description

Cynthia would like to feel more mental clarity and sense of purpose in her life. She would like this reflected in her home, so that each room functions with a clear sense of purpose, definition and comfort. She is also complaining that her son Dylan is not finishing his homework.


Storage – Clean out your storage area, so that you are only storing items that you love and use. Consider hiring a professional to help you. Bring in a boom box to storage to play up-beat music that helps inspire and have fun in your personal process of letting go. You will be amazed at the results!

Music – Treat yourself to a music system that is wonderful, affordable and easy to use every time you come into your home.

Approach from the street – There is a noticeable sharp and protruding angle formed where the outdoor patio fences are joined together, along the right of the brick path as you step up from the street. This sharp angle is seen as a poison arrow and is energetically sending good helpful people away. Correct this by either having a finish carpenter slice off this sharp edge, or soften the corner by planting something tall enough to obscure it. Do not plant anything with pointy leaves here.

Gate – Your gate is very sweet. Be sure and keep your rose bushes TRIMMED back so that when you walk through absolutely no thorny bushed jump out and scrape you.

Birdbath area inside front gate – Here you have beautifully created a warm and friendly place to show signs of welcome to all who enter. Your bench is ideal! Maintain good chi by keeping the bird bath clean and free of any stagnant water at all times. If you ever want to replace the birdbath with a small koi pond in the future, that would also be excellent here.

Path to the right of the house – Here you have done a beautiful job of creating a private secret path around the right side of your house. Keep this area trimmed way back so that your path is completely unobstructed and your feet can easily find the stones beneath you. Doing this will increase pleasant opportunities to flow into your life. Keeping this continually trimmed back is VITAL!

Shed – Clean out this area. This enclosed area falls in your knowledge and self-cultivation area and is potentially holding stagnant energy in place, preventing inner knowledge and abundant clarity.

Front Entry and Foyer – This area is considered the primary mouth of chi for you house, inviting positive chi flow to stream inside your house and nourish your entire family. Make this area as welcoming as possible. Replace anything that you do not absolutely love with items that bring you joy. Remove the large silk plant inside the door, so that the front door opens fully and there are no items blocking it. It's important to remember to keep all thresholds completely unblocked and open for receiving.

Select a choice piece of wooden furniture that you love to replace the existing dresser inside the foyer. Set up a five element display (reference your A to Z Feng Shui book). Include your existing fountain in your display. This will help to activate prosperity and good fortune.

Great room: Art – Discard, sell or pass on any art that you don't absolutely love. Consider selecting a beautiful piece of three-dimensional art (art that you can "walk into") to place on the wall next to you dining table. This gives the people sitting facing that wall a view, so to speak. I do not recommend putting a mirror here.

Lighting above dining table – Consider installing some beautiful lighting to hang above your dining room table.

Master bedroom: Night stands – Your sleigh bed is beautiful! Introduce two small night stands with rounded edges to invite romance, balance and equanimity into the bedroom.

Master bedroom: Lamps – Hunt for two matching metal or ceramic bed side lamps that you love to flank both sides of the bed.

Master bedroom: Color - Introduce warm, welcoming colors in your bedroom that invite rest as well as romance. I would NOT bring in an abundance of blues and greens in your bedroom. These colors are perceived as cool and tend to cool off romance.

Kitchen doorway – Consider installing cafe doors that swivel on quality pivot hinges between the kitchen and den. This will help separate these areas.

Guest room – Select matching nightstands along with matching lamps to flank each side of the guest bed. De-clutter and let go of any items you no longer love.

Dylan's room – Remove shutters from windows to lighten and open up this room. Move the guest bed slightly away from Dylans desk area so that there is plenty of room for his desk chair to roll around. Check in with him to make sure that he loves his chair. If he doesn't, Ikea offers a desk chair that children love, that is very comfortable, on casters and takes up very little room.

Garage – Garages deserve our attention too! Your garage is already impeccably clean. Take advantage of blank walls and hang a romantic poster or other form of inspiring art in the southwest corner. This will serve to anchor chi for love and marriage as well as inspire the possibility of partnership every time you enter your garage.


Meditate on what you want right now. As you continue to claim the house as your own and live comfortably in it, the answers will come and you will feel safe and have clarity. Surround yourself with music that you love to nurture inspiration in all that you do. Clear pathways inside and out and you will make room for positive change in all areas of your life! Correct the poison arrow (that the builders unknowingly created when they built your fence) and you will invite new helpful people into your life. Enhance your foyer with items that you love and you will empower all who enter.

Follow up

Cynthia covered the poison arrow in the front of her house by planting a lattice with honeysuckle. She cleared pathways by trimming her rose bushes and hedges along the side of the house. She also cleaned out her shed. Six weeks later she received an opportunity to do a yoga teacher training by a friend who sponsored her at half price. She was thrilled. She now feels a greater sense of purpose and direction in her life.

Her son Dylan is now more willing to do his homework and is happily spending more time in his room.

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Case Study #3

Business Consultation
Salon Tonic

Property description
Salon Tonic is located in a trendy, up and coming area of downtown San Diego. It is surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and professional design firms, with ample metered parking.

Client issues
Sharon owns a salon and has 20 very needy employees. She has owned her salon for 5 years and is wanting to improve her profits. She wants to boost employee morale and have them be more self-reliant. She complains that everyone "wants a piece of her" and that she doesn't enjoy being in the salon.


Display window – Have the plantings that are in front of this window trimmed, so that the view of the windows from the street is unobstructed by any plants. This is in your helpful people and travel section. You are then left with there large windows with which to create a fabulous display! Create a five element display here that can be lit at night with interior canned lighting.

South Main Entrance – Create curb-side appeal by enhancing this entry with soft rounded leaved plants.

North Entrance – The two metal beams above this entrance are creating sha chi. Soften these points by creating an awning above.

Foyer – Point decorative ceramic beads – stacked on floor to ceiling rods- towards the reception desk to direct clients where to go. To disguise the hallway and rooms behind beads, create a backdrop with a solid colored curtain –in green, blue, orange or any earth tone-- in the doorway there.

Display window – Create a fabulous display here that incorporates an attractive greeter and product.

Break room – Your break room is located in the wealth and prosperity area. Consider replacing the existing storage rack with hooks. Replace existing table and chairs with a counter height table and chairs to lift employee's spirits off the ground. Because the room has no windows, place a light and bright window sized piece of "art you can walk into", to create a view. Hang a full size mirror (with no bevels) in here for your employee's to freshen up.
Install an attractive wall clock.

Dispensary room #1 – Your dispensary falls in your fame an reputation area. Clear out any items that are not being used. This room is too dark. The lighting is inadequate and there are no windows. Hang bright and sunny art that has a three-dimensional quality on the east wall. Install track lighting so that the employees can see what they are doing. Install a strip of mirror immediately above the work counter, to allow a view of the door.

Salon – Lift the chi in the far left corner with a table and vase of flowers or something beautiful of your choosing.

Dispensary room #2 – Replace the small mirror that is next to the door with a larger mirror that will reflect a full image for every employee.

Bathroom – The bathroom, all white, is dominated by metal and water. To balance the elements, place a picture of a forest or other green landscape above the toilet and introduce the fire element with photos of people. Place a large, 15 gallon, cobalt blue pot with bamboo, or something with volume and height that has friendly leaves (nothing pointy), outside the bathroom door, next to the wall, to the right of your rear main entrance.

Northeast corner of salon – Allow this stylist to choose a beautiful piece of art –either independently or from an available area of the salon--to place near her station to brighten up this area, so that she has something she loves to look at on the blank wall next to her station.


Address the metal beams by creating an attractive awning. Welcome prosperity with a greeter in your display window. Create a warm inviting break room to encourage happy employee's. Increase the sense of luxury in the reception area with new upholstery, fresh paint, and hanging art at the same height as the doorway, to form a horizontal line on the north wall.

Follow up

Sharon completely revamped her break room. She installed a cute counter height table and four comfortable counter height chairs. She painted another wall a beautiful red and hung inspiring landscape art. She installed a shelf and clock. The break room now has a cafe vibe, better storage for her employee's and a place for employee's to creatively express themselves on a wall sized chalkboard.

She hung large framed photos of hair models in the bathroom. She plans to improve the dispensary room and the front entrance in the next few months.

Sharon has noticed a dramatic change in employee moral. Her employee's are much happier and no longer need extra attention. Her profits have increased and Sharon now enjoys going to work.


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